The Parish Council

The parish council is the level of government closest to the community.

In Ewelme, six parish councillors are democratically elected every four years.

The council can make all kinds of decisions on issues that affect the local community and has a wide range of powers related to local matters, such as looking after community buildings, open spaces, play areas, street lighting, bus shelters, car parks and many more. Click here for the full list!

But the issues that Ewelme PC most frequently deals with are

  • planning matters (the local planning authority must take note of its comments)
  • managing Cow Common, the recreation area, and King’s Pool
  • keeping an eye on village maintenance
  • and liaising with SODC, OCC, the police and other organisations about services

The council has the power to raise money through taxation, the precept. The precept is collected for the parish council by SODC as part of the council tax.

The best way to find out about what the council really does is to come along to a council meeting; you will be most welcome.