Community Pavilion News

Update from the Community Pavilion Working Group March 2017

Approximately eighteen months ago a presentation of two options for a new Pavilion was held in the Village Hall. The Presentation was well supported, and by a large majority, a traditional pavilion was voted as preferable for the village, and a new working group was formed by the Parish Council. This is an update on progress so far.

  • Plans were drawn up and submitted to the Planning Authorities. Planning Permission and Building Regs were duly obtained.
  • Having obtained several quotations we have chosen one company for the actual building and one for all ground work. Once we have secured adequate funds, contracts will be signed with these companies.
  • Where will this money come from? Our first choice is to obtain a Capital Grant from SODC. Unfortunately 2016 was not a good year to apply as they closed the application window earlier than expected.
  • 2017 is looking much more hopeful and as we write we are being supported by one of the Grants Officers in drafting and submitting our application. The outcome of the application will be known in June.

We, of course, intend to apply for other grants and donations, but until we know that we have secured a meaningful amount of money from the grant, we do not feel it is appropriate to start general fund raising. The village, YOU, will then have to decide if the rest of the money is raised by donations and fundraising or would you prefer the Parish Council to take up a loan? The vote on a loan held recently resulted in preference for a loan, but the number of people who voted was small. Therefore the Parish Council decided that they would not act on the vote in this financial year.

If you would like to be actively involved in any way in the project, or have any questions, please contact: Parish Clerk:

Gemma Benoliel, for the Working Group